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What People Are Saying About T2P...

- “I am am your average typical mid age yacht club sailor. A little bored and tired of the Boston area winter, and then on day I fully discover T2P! I unfortunately spend too much of my life in a corporate cubicle but live vicariously though the T2P Lens!

Because of your sailing background, you capture the footage that is so important and interesting to sailors and racers! Well done! Thanks for all the exciting and great racing action.

I also especially admire and appreciate the warm way in which you handle the vignette interviews of sailing legions such as Gary Jobson. It unusual to find content that is entertaining and exciting but also reflective and educational at the same time.

I am convincing all my sailing friends to subscribe!”

- “Nice Work! Really great to see such great coverage that makes sailing a bit more exciting to watch!”

- “What a fantastic presentation package... it is fantastic to be able to watch the quality footage of this year's regatta whilst trapped at my desk in here Australia.”

- “Guys, this site ROCKS! After coming home from KW I checked it out and I've sent the link to everyone I know. It's about time we've got something like this!”

- “Love your site, it's my new favorite!!... I am going to give my friend that told me about your site a big kiss.”

- “Great video…sharing your site with friends and family who didn’t quite get what it is that I do with those sailboats…”

- “Excellent website! I was hoping to find a website like this… will you be covering the Americas Cup in 07'? Thanks again!!!!”

- “Being able to see the video the night of the race and then enjoying day two after returning to Tahoe was a real treat. You are to be commended for being at the right place.”

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